Boots, blackberries and bubbles…{Jacksonville FL lifestyle and family photographer}

Take a break with me for a minute to soak in this family. A family that is doing family so well.
Little boys that do summer time in their undies and rain boots.
Feeding their personally named chickens and picking blackberries with dirty little hands. (Not one of the berries made it back into the house)
Helping Daddy patch up a squirrel hole in the chicken coop and tree swinging in the front yard.
Building Legos for a little brother and learning how to perfect that sandwich creation in the kitchen with Mommy.

It may appear to be an ordinary day to some, but to a family that is trying so hard to invest every bit of goodness into their babies, it’s extraordinary. Filled with teaching opportunities and quality time. Isn’t that how a child spells love?

As a photographer who has finally found her niche, I come away confident this is where I should be and overwhelmed with joy that I was able to capture extraordinary and tender moments for another family. I know they will cherish each image.
As a mother, I come away refreshed and encouraged, yet desperately missing my own babies. Those moments are not just images to me when they are snapped. I can feel them. I feel the soapy bubbles and wet bathroom floor. I feel the little arms and legs wrapped tightly and the cracks of my arms begin to ache to hold my own. Every mother needs some time away once in a while to breathe deep. How grateful I am that my “outlet” only drives me back home.

Thank you for trusting me Michelle. Thank you for reminding me of what I love most.

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