Spring 2017 Greenhouse Minis!…{Tampa FL mini session and family photographer}

This year’s Springtime minis were so much fun! Not a single tear was shed by children, parents or myself! A number of factors helped with this and as “they” (whoever “they” are) say, “Location, location, location”. With plenty of room for the kiddos to explore, Kerby’s Nursery and Landscaping was the perfect fit!

I had been searching for a greenhouse location willing to let me use their business for over 2 years. Mini sessions have always proved to be a challenge and balancing act. Bad weather, expensive props and confining kiddos to one main area doesn’t sound like a recipe for “fun”. I have learned to stop fighting it. I did away with props, furniture and themes. “If it’s Spring, I’ll simply have to find flowers.” The greenhouse worked two-fold. A diffuser for sun during the brightest part of the day and plan B in case of rain.

I was thrilled when Kirby’s welcomed my proposal and even offered to set up a little work station for the children to pot their plant which allowed me to grab a few extra action photos. You know I’m all about the candids. This portion, unintentionally, turned into most of the mothers helping their children with their plants which I thought ended up being a sentimental start to celebrating Mother’s Day soon. In addition, the weather was absolutely perfect and between a fish pond, friendly cats and a butterfly garden, the day went off without a single hitch. Thank you so much to all my wonderful clients and friends for coming and a special thanks to Joey at Kerby’s!

The Allen Family

The Gaudette Family

The Hildouny Family

Logan, Callahan and their Momma

The Willis Family

The Stumpf kiddos

Plummer kiddos

The Patterson Family

The McCluskey Family

The Wagner Family

The Perkins Family…plus one.

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