Henry & Arthur…{Tampa FL lifestyle and family photographer}

I’m breaking my blogging silence with these gorgeous bothers because this lifestyle session makes my heart so happy. I’m not sure if it’s these sweet boys’ little faces or knowing that Caroline is embracing every moment in this stage in motherhood. It is apparent with every image that she is so deep in love. The smell of Arthur’s hair and the squish of his rolls. The way Arthur is growing but he’s still so much her baby.

Caroline and Pete opted out of a traditional newborn session and waited until Arthur was about a month old for his first session. I personally love this idea. For my style of photography, I have found that older infants sleep much better than newborns once they content and if they don’t ever fall asleep, it’s not the end all be all. They love being close to mom and smile when they hear her voice. By a month old, they start to take on their own little personalities, their cheeks begin to fill out and they can focus on that big black camera and lady with crazy hair in front of them.

We took a few hours within Caroline and Pete’s home and simply did nothing. It’s always so wonderful when nothingness turns into “amazingness”.  Henry was still down for his afternoon nap when I arrived so we took some quality time with Arthur since he was the main reason for my visit. We focused on the little things like Caroline rocking in the afternoon light and Pete relaxing on the couch with him. Then once Henry woke up, we did a little coloring and I think we had a blast together.

On a side note…I haven’t boycotted blogging. Turning out client galleries have taken a front row seat these days, but I’m working on getting back into the swing of things.


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