Quality time with the Ladd family…{Tampa FL lifestyle and family photographer}

I had the opportunity and pleasure to spend an afternoon with a beautiful family a few weeks back. It was one of those perfect Florida days where the sun was warm and air was cool. A wonderful day of nothingness and everything important.

Riding bikes, making a baby sister giggle when she doesn’t feel her best and hanging upside down on monkey bars.
At one point, Jessica asked me if they should be doing more for pictures. When in fact, they were doing everything I needed them to do to capture their lives. There is more than enough to capture in a family of 5 hanging at home!

I know it seems like the pressure is on when you have me come into your homes for lifestyle photos. The typical response is, “I don’t know if we’ll have enough time to get all we do at home.” OR “I don’t know what you would photograph. We don’t do anything at home besides eat, sleep and lay around.” ((We have to give Abbey something to photograph!)) If you are on the fence about an in-home session, let me assure you…both of those responses are perfect in my world.
I love the first response because it (often times) helps you slow down and see the smaller things that are missed because you are so busy making memories. I love the second response because it gives me a chance to prove to you how special the small moments are. As parents, we can overlook those smaller moments because they feel mundane and ordinary. Nothing could be further from the truth though.

You don’t have to GIVE me situations to photograph. Being yourselves is ENOUGH. Your family being together doing what they love to do is ENOUGH.

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