An afternoon with Overcash babies…{Brandon, FL lifestyle and family photographer}

Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing to get families to break away from the normal, posed, “smile and look perfect” Christmas photos and other times families are ready and willing to embrace something a little different for a holiday. I’m thrilled when they do! Maybe it’s because they know this phase will soon pass and they want to savor every moment of it or maybe it’s simply because they are too tired to even try to put everyone into fancy clothes without risking someone puking or pooping on it. And maybe it’s a bit of both.
Families aren’t perfect and things are usually chaotic and messy, but Ashley and Rick are making a concerted effort to embrace this phase of babies and toddlers and the milestones that come with it.

Sweet moments of pulling hands away from the candy stocked shelves, chubby feet hanging out of a carrier, breathing in the quick scent of baby hair before buckling everyone into car seats as if to keep yourself sane from the grocery trip you just endured and conquered. Watching your baby (you felt so tiny in your arms just a day ago) dig into their first birthday cake, gazing into the evening light as your baby girl runs around in princess undies and congratulating her when she makes it to the potty on time. These are the moments we want to hold tightly to. Not how miserable we are were 5 seconds before that perfect Christmas photo was taken.
Thank you Ashley and Rick for being willing to break the mold and embrace the glorious chaos of your lives.

December 7, 2015 - 9:46 pm

Barbra - I am speechless at the beauty and love captured in these photos! Well Done! If you lived closer to me, I would schedule a photo session with you Right Now! These are the kind of pictures that are the best! Natural and “real life”! Thank you for allowing us to see the photos of your family! They are amazing!

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