First ever In-home Lifestyle Christmas Mini Sessions!…{Tampa FL lifestyle family photographer}

The Grubbs family
A little bit Christmas list making
A little attempt at family photo in front of tree
A little baking and a lot of sugar
A little wrestling
A lot of snuggling

The Correa family
A little tree decorating
A little story
A bit of puppy kisses and pancake messes

The Park family
A little ornament organization
Some cookie crumbles and counter top kisses
A bit of bed jumping
A little baby hiney
A bit of tears

The Woodland family
A little bit of playing shy
A little tickle on the toes
A little hide and seek
A lot of love and squeezes

The McCluskey and Jackson families
A little flour
2 little chef’s hats
A little bit of focus
A booger-free roller pin
A teeny pup to catch crumbs
A little walk while it bakes

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