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    The camera and lens have always been a comfortable place for me. A place I can express what I can't put into words.

    "If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera." - Lewis Hine

    For years I struggled with who I truly was. As I have watched my friends and clients through a lens, I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Then I became a mother to two little girls and my feelings of simply being comfortable with who I was turned into a sense of belonging and pride. I want them to feel and understand it too. I go without makeup-they still tell me I'm beautiful. I forget things, make mistakes and offer apologies-they still love me. They desire my eyes locked with theirs, my arms around their bellies and my kisses upon their cheeks. I will always fight my negative inner thoughts of imperfection, but today I will focus on them amidst the glorious chaos.

    Embracing the chaos. Glorious chaos!

    As I began to embrace who I was, I began to embrace my niche of photography. It was not intentional, but after encouragement from a few dear friends, I began documenting families within their homes. I lose myself in your moments while documenting in-home sessions. There has never been a time I don't find myself smiling or tearing up behind the camera.

    Children are most natural in their own environment. It's rare that a child walks by their bed and doesn't pause to squeeze a lovie and it's inevitable that someone will need a boo boo kissed or sat in time out. There is so much beauty within the walls of your home. Beauty of daddies dancing with pig-tailed/one socked little girls in the living room. Movie night tents and exhausted mamas sitting on bubble soaked floors while babies play. Pancake making and Saturday morning bike rides. Capturing your lives truly makes my heart sing.

    I would love to document your family just as they are!

Teddy Bear…{St Pete FL lifestyle and newborn photographer}

I’ve been so excited to share this precious boy’s photos. His perfectly round and fuzzy head, pink lips and precious little toes are so amazing I caught myself holding back a squeal while shooting.

I am often asked what the difference is between an in-home lifestyle newborn session and a regular portrait session at a location. The first difference is obviously having the session take place within your home.
While even I occasionally desire more posed portraits of my family and children, I tend to lean in a direction of photography that focuses on photographing life at home, especially when it comes to newborns.

I look at in-home lifestyle sessions as a stage and period in your lives. The babies will grow and the interests and activities will change. I want my families to look at their images and say, ” remember when they used to play that game?”….

It’s important to know that even in-home sessions will have times where I pose and direct and not all in-home sessions STAY at home. Sometimes we venture out to the family’s favorite market, doughnut store, ice cream shop or playground.

It is a fine balance on my end in creating a natural moment. I certainly don’t want to make a child do something out of the ordinary in these sessions. I often direct to a few areas that have great lighting or a minimalistic background where I know an activity will be photographed well. Then I suggest a few situations to get a natural reaction from parents and children. Tickling is the perfect suggestion-it never steers me wrong.
A few examples from below would be Tom and Leslie sitting with the kids against their stairwell wall while talking and holding the baby, Leslie sitting in the middle of the bed and standing at the window admiring the peach fuzz of hair on Teddy’s sweet face. I know I’ve done it with my own babies so I know it’s a natural moment that I’m suggesting we create. I throw out the suggestions and I always give my families the option to veto it and move on to the next.

The other side of in-home lifestyle sessions is very “documentary” style. I have no hand in what happens and do not give an ounce of direction. These are usually my favorite images. Examples of this from below would be the kids playing in Trent’s room. They needed a break and I walked in on a castle/fort with soldiers standing guard while Lila climbed up and down from the bed. A few minutes later they ended up downstairs, flopped on the couch and started reading. Lila climbed to the upper cushion and Leslie was nursing the baby. We were chatting away when I looked up and realized what developed in front me. The very last image is close to my heart and I think any mom will understand nursing a baby while standing in the kitchen. These moments are the ones that develop when the camera gets put down so I have learned to keep it close by my side with my finger still on the button.

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An afternoon with Overcash babies…{Brandon, FL lifestyle and family photographer}

Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing to get families to break away from the normal, posed, “smile and look perfect” Christmas photos and other times families are ready and willing to embrace something a little different for a holiday. I’m thrilled when they do! Maybe it’s because they know this phase will soon pass and they want to savor every moment of it or maybe it’s simply because they are too tired to even try to put everyone into fancy clothes without risking someone puking or pooping on it. And maybe it’s a bit of both.
Families aren’t perfect and things are usually chaotic and messy, but Ashley and Rick are making a concerted effort to embrace this phase of babies and toddlers and the milestones that come with it.

Sweet moments of pulling hands away from the candy stocked shelves, chubby feet hanging out of a carrier, breathing in the quick scent of baby hair before buckling everyone into car seats as if to keep yourself sane from the grocery trip you just endured and conquered. Watching your baby (you felt so tiny in your arms just a day ago) dig into their first birthday cake, gazing into the evening light as your baby girl runs around in princess undies and congratulating her when she makes it to the potty on time. These are the moments we want to hold tightly to. Not how miserable we are were 5 seconds before that perfect Christmas photo was taken.
Thank you Ashley and Rick for being willing to break the mold and embrace the glorious chaos of your lives.

December 7, 2015 - 9:46 pm

Barbra - I am speechless at the beauty and love captured in these photos! Well Done! If you lived closer to me, I would schedule a photo session with you Right Now! These are the kind of pictures that are the best! Natural and “real life”! Thank you for allowing us to see the photos of your family! They are amazing!