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Ice Cream Minis!…{Bradenton Beach FL mini session photographer}

We had such a fun afternoon getting sticky for the ice cream summer mini sessions… and half way through the event, 40 mph winds and rain blew through and cleaned us up! Big thanks to these families for braving the crazy summer weather with sticky, sandy, wet kiddos. I think at one point we gave up and just start full-body dunking kids in the bucket of rinse water I had for clean up. We certainly came away with some fun memories from this mini session!
This event was a bonus for me, because my loving momma agreed to lend a hand and my two nieces tagged along to soak up some sun on the beach and jumped in where I needed them carrying furniture, blankets and buckets…no worries, my family accepts payments in ice cream without a complaint.;)
Big thanks, once again to my amazing friend Lisa from Wish Vintage for the sweet chairs and table and a huge thank you to Joann from Joe’s Eats and Sweet Ice Cream Shop for letting us bombard their shop for the afternoon!
Happy Summer!!



Burket Summer 2014…{St Pete FL day in the life, lifestyle family photographer}

Our annual Burket day in the life commenced early in the summer this year. There’s no better time than the present to take in all summer has to offer. It will be over all too soon. I can’t help but get sentimental every year we do this. As I photographed Lila playing at her bedroom window, I remembered the image I have of Leslie dressing her on her changing table as a baby at the window. So much has changed, yet there is still so much that has stayed the same. Snuggling in the “big bed” while nursing a baby and giving a 4 year old “time out” has now been replaced with jumping on the bed and weaseling their way between mommy and daddy to steal the snuggles. We started out early to document a normal and relaxed Saturday morning, starting with breakfast, then going for bike rides and ending up in the {new} pool.


Lowrance family…{Bradenton Beach/Anna Maria Island, FL photographer}

Janelle is an amazing photographer from Ft Worth Texas (check out her work here Engaged Studio) and we connected a few weeks ago to do a “lifestyle” session while they were vacationing here.
It’s always an honor (and a little nerve-wracking) to be ask by another photographer to document their family, but I knew Janelle could handle the “realness” of a lifestyle session on the beach. The sun flare, sweat, sand flying 3 different ways, the kids getting drenched before getting a decent “looking at the camera” photo and sticky watermelon and ice cream faces. At one point after changing the kids into their swimsuits, I mentioned to Janelle that we hadn’t gotten a good family photo of all of them yet and her response was, “Eh…we’ll just change whatever photo we end up getting to black and white and everyone will look like they match.” (Look for that photo further down) At that moment, I knew she was my kind of girl-a photographer I wished lived closer because we’d be friends for sure!
Summer isn’t about posing pretty on the beach while everyone matches in khakis and white t shirts and white dresses while your hair blows perfectly in the breeze. There I said it. Love me or hate for it. Just be together and love on each other, have fun and stay within my frame and it’s all good.
Thank you Janelle and Jeff for trusting your beach vacation memories to me. I truly hope these remind you of what that week meant to your family-sand, sweat, tears and laughter.

Deanna - June 10, 2014 - 12:46 pm

I love so many of these! Real smiles are the best!