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Christmas Mini Sessions!…{Tampa FL mini session and family photographer}

Christmas minis in September?! YES! Because I have FINALLY learned my lesson from the last four years. The planning that goes into a mini event and adding the post edit work to the normal rush of the Christmas season makes you feel much like an accountant, on uppers, in the Spring.
My goal during this season of the year with mini events is to give my preferred clients an option of having their annual or winter session done with me in case they can’t seem to find the time for a private session. Vise versa… (Respectfully) I’m only one person and even though I adore my clients and friends, it’s simply not feasible for me to schedule everyone for a private session between September and November-more personally, it’s something I’ve finally had to let go of. I just want to see and catch up with everyone! So…a mini session is everyone’s best option.
Keeping in mind that many of my families choose to do a mini once a year simply for their annual family session, I wanted to keep the typical Christmas decor to a minimum-especially since it was the middle of September in Florida. Lets be real, there will probably be two weeks total in Florida that we wear winter attire and make hot chocolate so adding a few beautiful accent pieces in a natural environment without fake snowmen and hot chocolate booths was my plan. With my sweet friend, Lisa’s help from Wish Vintage, we put together some earth toned furniture and pops of colors to compliment whatever clothing families showed up in and and made it a point showcase the rows of Pine trees. A special thanks Kelly for being my extra set of hands, running her tail off between sessions and making weird animal sounds behind me to make kiddos laugh and to Mr George at Dee’s Tree Farm for allowing me to use his property as 19 families filtered through that day.
The day started out extremely wet and dreary. I was convinced the entire day would have to be cancelled, but my husband (and God) knew better and we pushed forward setting up just about an hour later than scheduled, only having to cancel one session. By the end of the day, the sun was streaming though the trees and the humidity and mosquitoes were in full swing. It was a successful day to say the least!
I’m so incredibly grateful to my sweet clients and friends for continuing to allow me the pleasure of capturing your families as they grow and change. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!